CMF has been a major financial supporter of pool rehabilitations in Central Montana including the complete renovation of the Lewistown Swimming Pool completed in the summer of 2016 (above) and for the new emergency and lab departments at Central Montana Medical Center (see new lab, below) completed in the spring of 2015.

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In 1983, a group of businessmen held an organizational meeting with the purpose of creating a foundation that would serve as a "clearinghouse" to grant funds to improve the quality of life in Central Montana. The Central Montana Foundation (CMF) was officially founded in May 1984 and is the oldest community foundation in Montana. Visionaries who organized the new foundation included Don Pfau, Al McRae, Don Davison, Jim Wilkins, Leonard McKinney, Fred Schell and Don Romo, all of Lewistown.

CMF provides area residents with a means to give back to the Central Montana community. The first substantial gift to CMF was $3,500 from Col. Joe Montgomery in 1984. Since then, thousands of generous donors have grown CMF and as it celebrates its 31st anniversary, CMF is the second largest community foundation in the State of Montana. CMF supports educational, cultural, civic and healthcare projects in Central Montana and millions of grant funds have been awarded since its founding - all thanks to the generosity of its donors.

The Foundation is managed by a Board of Directors who supervise the disposition of donations. The Board meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month and consists of 12 directors, an accountant, financial advisors and executive director. For more information, contact Carrie Mantooth, executive director, at (406) 538-6130, email, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

CMF Board of Directors and support personnel include:

President, Dean Comes
1st President, Sandra Westhoff
2nd Vice President, Josh Webber
Secretary/Treasurer, Robyn Bakkedahl
Thom Peck
Bret Carpenter
Sonny Comes
Mike Dowdy
Doug Flament

Brian Henderson
Beth Putnam
Carl Seilstad
Jennifer Weeden
Executive Director, Carrie Mantooth
Investment Manager: Allied Investment Advisors
Accountant, Mickey McMillan

CMF bd 2015 web 2

 CMF Board of Directors at the 2015 Annual Meeting.