Pass-through Account Information

Is a pass-through fund with Central Montana Foundation the right move for your organization? Before you apply, please read the following information about the purpose and function. Once received in the CMF office, your request will be voted upon at a regular meeting of the CMF Board of Directors.  Contact CMF Executive Director Carrie Mantooth at 406.538.6130, or email for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Central Montana Foundation (CMF) is the umbrella organization for a number of pass-through accounts for not-for-profit and tax-exempt organizations. A pass-through account is designed for short-term projects with the primary advantage being that donations held under the 501(c)(3) umbrella of CMF are tax deductible. This eliminates the need for the fund holder for eligible organizations to apply for their own non-profit status.

Is a pass-through account right for your organization?
If your organization is working on a short-term campaign, then a pass-through account with CMF may be a great option. A pass-through fund is like a charitable checking account in that is provides a conduit through which charitable contributions flow towards a specific project or program.

Does a pass-through account earn interest?
No. Since pass-through accounts need to be kept liquid, no interest is paid to fund holders. If your organization is looking to build long-term sustainability, you will want to consider applying for a permanent endowment with CMF where investment income is earned by account holders.

What about administrative fees?
CMF is unique in that it only charges a 0.25% administrative fee to its account holders! This low fee covers the administrative expenses of working on behalf of our permanent endowment and pass-through fund holders.  

Who is eligible for a pass-through account?
Only not-for-profit or tax-exempt entities may apply for a pass-through account with CMF. Non-profits must be registered with the Montana Secretary of State.

Will our organization get to keep all our funds when we no longer need the pass-through fund with CMF?
Yes! Please note that if you are approved, you must have at least $2,500 to open the pass-through account and need to maintain that balance during your fund raising campaign. However, your entire account balance will be returned to your organization upon closure of the pass-through fund.