Central Montana Foundation Projects

CMF typically grants hundreds of thousands annually from its unrestricted funds to a variety of projects in Central Montana. Healthcare, essential services, education, civic, cultural and recreational projects that improve quality of life in Central Montana are CMF's areas of interest. These awards are made thanks to the generosity of donors to CMF's General Endowment, and from the estates of Mildred Bryte, Terry Bragg, Bertha Martin, John & Alice Janicek, George Mueller, Rosie Pense, Chester Rickner, Gertrude Saxtorph, Gladys Housel Teigen (Housel Family Fund), Sally Wells and Margie Wilkins. These "superheroes" of Central Montana wanted to leave a permanent legacy to benefit future generations.

The principal of their estate gifts is endowed and remains untouched, while income produced provides grant awards for eligible projects. Funds raised through the Central Montana Foundation are used for the benefit of Central Montanans. Major criteria in the decision to support a funding request is that the quality of life for area residents be enhanced and the project benefit as many people as possible.

Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) held with CMF are growing every year, and by the end of 2023, DAF grants will have provided an additional $300,000 in grant funding; primarily to Central Montana projects and for scholarships for Central Montana students.

In addition, another $1 million+ or so is put to work annually from grants from restricted funds held by area non-profit and tax-exempt organizations that hold permanent endowment and pass-through accounts under CMF's umbrella.

Click here to see a list of CMF Grants awarded 2013-2022

Combined, these grants improve life for the very young to the very old in Central Montana and total millions!

The CMF grant application can be found under the Applications tab on this website. Minor grants (under $5,000) are considered at the CMF Board of Directors' monthly meeting and major grants ($5,000+) are considered once per year at the annual meeting in May (application due April 1.)

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There are 75 scholarship funds held with CMF which provide nearly nearly $400,000 in scholarships annually for Central Montana graduating seniors and post-graduates pursuing their higher educational goals. From 2013-2022, scholarships from CMF funds totaled nearly $2.5 million! Scholarship applications are due March 15 for graduating seniors and April 15 for post-graduates. See more details and a link to the applications under the Scholarships tab.