Rural Community Endowments

Central Montana Foundation is proud to work with 11 rural community endowment committees including Denton, Garfield County, Grass Range, Hobson, Judith Basin, Judith Gap, Moore, Petroleum County, Roy, Wheatland County and Winifred. Each has its own committee and grant program, supported in part by an annual gift from Central Montana Foundation's Mildred Bryte Estate.

Rural Community Endowments:

Denton Endowment Committee members include Brandy Barber, Cory Hershberger, Pam Linker, Sheila Tesarek, Bob Morris and Josh Webber. The committee considers grant requests once per year. Applications are due Nov. 1. Denton uses Central Montana Foundation's grant application, click here.  For more information, contact Josh Webber at 406-567-2226, or email him at

Garfield County Endowment Committee members include Rene Gibson, BG FitzGerald, Sandy Gibson, Earline Lawrence and Holly Harbaugh. The committee typically meets in the spring to review grant applications and makes awards in May. For more information, contact Holly Harbaugh at 406-557-2324 or email her at

Grass Range Foundation Board members include Russ Degner, Tom Delaney, L.J. Olson, Albert Seaholm, Peggy Nelson, Caden Seaholm and Debby Olson. The board typically meets quarterly to review and award grants, or as needs arise. For more information, contact Debby Olson at 406-366-0370 or email her at

Hobson Endowment committee members include Shawn Auck, Traci Mikkelsen, Marilyn Deichmann, Stacey Derks and Bill Hesselbart. The committee considers grant requests twice per year, with applications due May 1 and September 1. For more information, contact Bill Hesselbart at 406-423-5369, or email him at

Judith Basin Endowment committee members include Tess Brady, Vicky McCray, Mike Ridgeway, Dave Roen, Mike Youderian, Norma Zimmer and Ollie Urick. The committee considers grant requests once per year in November. For more information, contact Tess Brady at 406-566-2633, or email her at

Judith Gap Endowment committee members include RoseMary Mitchell, Marvin Mauws, Jeff Volf and Dean Peterson. The committee meets annually, typically in early December. For more information, contact RoseMary Mitchell at 406-366-1654, or email her at

Moore Endowment committee members include Gary Greenwood, Koly Hertel, Barbara Hickey, Mike Tyler and Ray Erickson. Moore Endowment meets throughout the year as needs arise.  For more information, contact Gary Greenwood at 406-374-2363.

Petroleum County Endowment committee members include Debbie Hale, Gari King, Jim Johnke, Raye Ann Lund, Joan Murphy, Carol Ann Schaeffer and Jolene Shaw. Grant applications are considered once per year with applications due by May 1. For more information, contact Gari King at 406-429-5821 or email her at

Roy Endowment Committee members include Jackie Grimsrud, Linda Jones, Paul Pallas, Matt deRosier and Shelly Willmore. The committee considers grant requests once per year in November. For more information, contact Shelly Willmore at 406-464-7411, or email her at

Wheatland County Community Foundation members include Jeff Sell, Mandie Reed, Dane Elwood, Pam Stevens, Jane Moe and Lauri Teig. They consider grant requests once per year.  For more information, contact Mandie Reed at 406-632-4728, or email her at

Winifred Endowment committee members are Keith Arntzen, Jamie Wickens, Bruce Udelhoven, Betty Wickens and John Wickens. The committee considers requests once per year in the early fall.  For more information, contact Jamie Wickens at (406) 462-5612.